Saturday, November 27, 2010

Who do you have to thank?

As a writer, now that your or when your career takes off, who do you have to thank? I mean sincerely, not just people you promised, whose egos you would puff up by placing their name and kind words inside your novel. I mean the real people that actually sacrifice themselves for your career. 

My husband is number one. He always supports me and lets me take the time I need to write. He is also not afraid to tell me if I come up with and idea, that he deems, stoopid? LOL He also gives me the freedom to take his advice and most of the time he is right. But, don’t tell him that, Shhhhh

My daughter, yes our kids sacrifice themselves in their own way as well. In my daughters case it’s giving up time im’ing her boyfriend and believe me that’s a sacrifice for her!
My proofreader Jeanette, She had to read the first piece of crap I had ever written, God love her. She was wonderful, very objective and not afraid to tell me like it was.

Books and internet, I make it easy for people on my site to look up info and get answers, but I probably, just like you, had to take precious time away from writing to find those answers. By find, I mean climb mountains and swim through seas of bullcrap to find what I needed. It took hours, sometimes days.

 Decadent publishing, for taking a chance on a newbie. Because everybody has to start somewhere, and without people that are willing to do that, we don’t stand a chance. They have been so wonderful to me, I don’t consider them a starting point, I consider them a home where I would love to reside as long as they will keep me.

Last, but not least my friends that simply just believed I could do it! Their trust and faith in me, made a believer out of my toughest critic, myself.

So tell me, who do you have to thank, really?

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