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Taking a closer look at the day of chocolate hearts and flowers.

Valentine’s Day is a very emotional day for many. To get a closer look, I broke it up into four categories.

The single person— this is very emotional day for the unattached. In fact in can be a very sad day.

The single girl—

She stays late at work so that the “happy people” can go get ready for their “hot” dates. Then she goes home and drown her sadness in a glass of wine and watches love stories. Then it’s off to a bubble bath with a container of Ben and Jerry’s.

The single guy—

If he even goes to work, either way will hit the bar and get drunk until the point he alienates any other future valentines possibilities.

The broken heart—

 A broken heart on valentines is the worst. Oh sure your friends try to offer to take you on their dates with them, but why don’ they just slit your wrists and shake rock salt right in and make things less painful.

The new relationship—

 Oh, young love on Valentine’s Day. This is the best—maybe. The new relationship is full of expectations, some are fulfilled and some aren’t. Many relationships end on Valentine’s Day. Forbes magazine stated in 2009 that 50% of woman that didn’t receive anything on V-day dumped their significant other. Amen, sista good for you. Respect. I understand that time are tough. But there are dollar stores and if you can’t afford that you can give to your love in other ways. Make dinner, give a foot massage, draw a romantic bubble bath—something.
The old relationship—

 Now this depends on the relationship and the man. This can be the best valentines of your life or the worst. It all depends on… Let’s face it guys, you don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. So in order for you to have a good day or bad day it all depends on how you treat your lady.

The happy fact is that I did research on relationship statuses and without cluttering up this blog with statistics, I can tell you that marriage is a billion dollar business. And valentines, one day a freakin year comes close to that. Millions of roses are cut and sold, not to mention the obscene amount of chocolate and cute little stuffed animals that are sold.

Valentine’s Day is very exciting for me this year this is the first V-day that my romantic suspense novel I toiled over for years, is out for sale in eBook and print.

Glow in the Dark

Women melt around smokin’ hot Chicago fire fighter Jake Gilroy like butter in a hot pan, getting him dubbed the clichéd and rather false moniker…“the ladies man”. Yet, he never had an interest in anyone, until he meets Corey. She’s different and doesn’t seem to be turning into a pool of goo around him. He wants her and must have her. But she is already taken so he can’t have her…can he?

At first Corey Nolan is resistant to Jake’s advances until a series of events proves that the love between her and her dead beat boyfriend have dissipated a long time ago. It’s then that she begins to think that she and Jake just might have a chance at something real. Until—it becomes clear that someone is stalking her and killing off the people she loves and that her need for Jake may be more than desire—it may be a matter of life and death...

Available for Purchase

The very special company that the universe has blessed me with, Hellfire publishing has recently released a very sweet romance opening the door for me to start releasing my romances through there as well. Robin Renee Ray’s Bloodbreeders: The Revenge book two is being released on Friday. The great thing about Bloodbreeders is it has something for every kind of paranormal lover, from the basic to the very dark.

Sleeping Love

Historian Sabrina Michaels lost her memory seven years ago after waking up in a London hospital badly beaten.  When she travels to a French chateau owned by handsome wealthy businessman Raoul Valoire to research his famous ancestor, he lays claim to her as his wife.

Afraid of confronting her past, Sabrina attempts to leave the chateau but finds that her husband is more than determined to have his wife back in his arms and in his bed.  He is prepared to hold her prisoner until she uncovers her true identity and remembers her love for him.

Sabrina embarks on a journey into her own past in the hopes of uncovering what caused her to disappear from the chateau without a trace the night of her birthday party and the man responsible for her attack.  She only hopes it is not the husband she is falling in love with all over again.

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although the things they sought were not always unheard of in the 1930’s in other parts of the world, life was just too harsh in the small Texas community, to pay mind to anything other than raising a healthy crop to ensure the survival of one’s family. But late one evening during supper, a stranger comes knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house and is invited inside. It doesn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even contemplate. The dark of night takes on a whole new meaning, and the once vulnerable young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demands she live forever in darkness.

Available for purchase

Renee thought she had gone through the worse nightmare imaginable, little did she know that more danger lurked in the shadows. Her intentions were to go back to Cuba and fulfill a promise made to ‘the two’ that helped her escape the unbelievable hell. The terror that had ripped her from her life and the days of loving care back on the farm.

What she discovers, changes her destiny and places her on a path that was only found in the mind and tales of the ancient profits. One question remains, will she be able to fulfill the needs that have taken hold of what little heart she has left? Can the faith of a country girl with the help of those who would follow her into hell itself be enough? Or will they find themselves in a situation that they cannot get out of?

Available Febraury 17, 2011

A great Valetines day song :)

One commenter will win all four eBooks mentioned above.

Sleeping Love will be delivered before nights end.

Glow in the Dark will be delivered ASAP.

Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness ASAP

Bloodbreeders: The Revenge will be delivered on Friday when it's released.

For those of you that have a dark look on V-day, you might want to check out the Hellfire Herald where not only will you see the first three chapters of Bloodbreeders the Revenge. You will also get a bloody valentines tale told by the always awesome Robin Renee Ray.

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Jen Hart and Keira

Interview between Hellfire Publishing Senior Copy editor, Jen Hart and writer Keira Kroft aka executive editor, Dawn Binkley.

Hello, welcome to Table Talk Tuesday we are so very glad to have you with us.

Jen: How are you doing today?

Keira: I am great and so excited about Inamorata finally being released this summer.

Jen: You have a story coming out soon though Hellfire Publishing entitled, Inamorata. First of all what does Inamorata mean and how do you say it, lol.  

Keira: In-am-or-ata means female lover, if it had an ‘O’ at the end, that would mean male lover.

Jen: What is that about?

Keira: The undead, reincarnation and love that never dies.

Jen: What made you choose that title?

Keira: One bloody night, is because that is the basis of the storyline, it’s perfect. Inamorata means female lover, which ties into the purpose of the story and I wanted single world titles for each in book. There’s Inamorata, Samhain and Asmodeus.

Why the cliché of single titled names you ask? It’s because One Bloody Night is already long enough, lol.

Jen: Where did the idea for your story come from?

Keira: When we first opened our comic book store in the mall, I was walking with some friends in the extremely creepy employee tunnels, I said “oh I am going to write about this, I am thinking old fashioned vampires” and everyone except my husband laughed at me and said “ya right” and here we are.

Jen: Please share a particular detail about one of characters, please.

Keira: Osvaldo is a cold blooded killer, he has no ethics whatsoever, except when it comes to his friendship with main character and head vampire Lucius, he will do anything for him.

Jen: What made you choose Hellfire Publishing?

Keira: As an owner, I say it’s the best publisher there is and those kids are going places, lol

Jen: Please tell us about any future projects you are planning.

Keira: One bloody Night: Samhain will be out in time for next Halloween. This series is dear to my heart because it’s a mix of horror and romances—my favorite. But I have more single romance and more horror coming soon.

Jen: How many books have you written?

Keira: Two are published, one more, as you all know is on the way, because I have been blathering on about it, lol. I have over forty more in the works.

Jen: Are you only with Hellfire Publishing or do write for other publisher’s as well?

Keira: Prior to opening HP I was published through Decadent Publishing and damn proud to be…awesome company.

Jen: We have a special place for unpublished writers in our hearts, here at Hellfire Publishing. So what advice would you give to an unpublished writer?

Keira: If writing is for you then, never give up, never give in and never say die! But if it’s not for you and you are just doing it for money, glamour and fame, get out—now. Do not waste any more time.

Jen: Can you share your blurb with us?

 Of course :)

Inamorata is the first Novel in the “One Bloody Night Series”.

They are supposed to be low key and get their nightly fix from a bag. But what if they could spend a cozy evening eating an old fashioned meal and then when they were done they would simply set the place on fire and walk away—no one would be the wiser?

That’s the plan when a group of rogue Vampires has poisoned the entire security staff at a Christmas Eve party at a mall in Chicago and proceed to take over for the evening and feast upon their own kind of tradition, four house keepers, a maintenance man, a girl who lives in the mall, a lonely late night worker and a couple who have escaped to the department store where she works so their spouses wouldn’t be privy to their affair and some other delightfully unexpected guests.

Everything goes exactly as they expected until the group leader Lucius Sturdevant, and second oldest Vampire to date, realizes that the woman that lives in the Comic book store that is trying to figure out how to kill him is the reincarnation of Laura, the love of his life, that died in his arms of old age, because he didn’t have the heart to turn her.

One lucky commenter will win a free e-copy of One Bloody Night: Inamorata when it comes out.

You can find Keira Kroft at:

Keira Kroft

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Zombies for Christmas The final part

Prequel to Summit The Zombie Hunter Series
Coming to Hellfire Publishing in 2012

Prequel- Zombies for Christmas
First installment- New World Order, Coming soon
Second Installment- The World Must End, Coming soon

Zombies for Christmas

                                  By Keira Kroft
Part 5
    “Raven”, he nudged her.
    “Leave me alone.” She shoved his hand away from her.
    “Raven you don’t understand. Dammit, woman, look.” He gently lifted her head so that she could see the creature that had them trapped…
    “Listen to me, I am going to count to three and then I want you to make a loud noise and run and lock yourself in the bathroom. Okay, can you do that for me,” he asked, his arms wrapped tightly around her forearms. He couldn’t help but picture her squeezing his forearms during the throws of passion.
“Okay.” Surprisingly, she didn’t argue with him.
    Summit took off and found an ax on the wall in the hall and broke the glass, attracting the zombie from the bedroom. Summit whacked him the neck so hard the things head flew off and his body dropped to the floor.
    Raven sat on the bed next to Summit, her heart fluttered, when she was near him. She definitely wanted what happened last night to happen again. But somehow just being with him was enough.
    “We never did get to why you wanted me?”
    “Because you’re so damn fine,” he teased.
    “I didn’t mean it that way.” She playfully hit him in the arm.
    “Actually, it was Schmitty who insisted that we find you. You are one of the pieces to the puzzle of what’s going on here. I know this much, you cured cancer.”
    “Oh, yes and I turn into a wolf at every full moon.”
    “Do you?” he laughed.
    “Yes. According to Schmitty not only did you cure cancer, but you did it by entering a single cell of some sort, into the human bloodstream and it would completely reversed it in one day with no pain, no radiation, no illness. Impressive really; I am a scientist and I can’t understand how you did it.”
    “See that’s what I don’t get, that I did find a cure, but the other doctors, the chief of staff and the science department said that I didn’t.” Raven was so proud that she couldn’t contain her smile that was bubbling beneath her lips. Maybe I really did it.
    He exhaled sharply running a hand through his hair. “As far as we figure it, the government apparently didn’t like the overpopulation statistics, so they tried to hide it from you and that they should start killing off people, to be safe.”
    “Why do you keep saying government?”
    “Well that’s too long of a story, but I was approached by some officials and once people started dying, Schmitty and I started looking into what might be going on and we found no answers. We were hoping if you could get us your files, maybe we could find some sort of clues, usually where something starts…is where it ends.”
    “Okay I have to change the subject, let’s talk about Bailey. Some things don’t add up here. Tell me exactly what happened to my best friend.” Raven realized she must seem rude and uncaring, but she was trying to cope with all of this.
    “She was apparently bitten, then turned and Schmitty had to shoot her. And he said that Mia didn’t know and he was bringing her back here because he figured you wanted her,” he shrugged.
    “Is that all he said? I know he is your friend, but it all sounds weird. I just don’t get it. To die that quickly and…
    She’s a black belt for chrissakes, and her daughter—she would fight for her daughter. And where was Mia, while he was shooting her mother and you can’t fire a gun with ‘them’ running around.” God, he killed my best friend, didn’t he?
    “It’s the black-belt thing that has me stumped, why is such a tiny American girl…a mother, have a masters in karate?”
    “Oh, that’s an easy question to answer, but very painful.” Raven shoulders slumped, her stomach soured at the thought. “Bailey was at a bar and somebody slipped something in her drink.”
    “She was raped? How horrible.” His lips twisted in a scowl and the red pigmentation on his face, made him look angry.
    “That’s not the half of it, so he slipped her something and had his way with her. I know that doesn’t sound life changing… Except the sick fuc—”
    Raven couldn’t control the tears. “Oh god. Is it safe to get a Hershey bar?”
Summit laughed. “Yes it’s fine. I will follow you, to make sure you are safe,” he said rising from the bed and extending out an arm to help her up. “But tell me, what’s so extreme about something that’s already so god awful.”
   “Whoever had his way with her beat her brutally. Bailey’s ribs were broken, he slashed her breast, and her private area had to be stitched. I could go on, but it was awful. She already knew karate somewhat.” Raven opened the ‘special’ pantry and took out a chocolate bar. “But after that she went on a quest to always be able to protect herself and her daughter. The worst part of it is what if Mia ever finds out. Can you imagine?” Raven tore open the wrapper and took a large bite.
    “Mia is a child of rape?”
    Raven put her hand up, she couldn’t talk her mouth was too full. But it was so good, that she felt better, just for that moment. “Yes, and we have no idea who her father is.”
    Donny McGee, Raven thought. “Oh my god…I need my phone.”
    “I am afraid to ask you this. But is your cellphone in the house?”
She nodded her head smiling.
   “Why your phone, you can use mine,” he asked, pulling the iPhone from his pocket.
   “Because, I have problems with how Bailey died and I have counseled enough people during the grief process to know, that it’s normal to suspect foul play. But I really think she was murdered. We have a code, if either one of us in danger and we can’t call 911, we call and say I saw Donny McGee.”
    “Why?” Summit asked, looking through the fridge for food.
    “Because that was the name of the guy, that Bailey was talking too before the attack. But when they looked for him, it turned out to be a fake name.”
    “They never found him?”
    “No. We better get going soon.”
    “Wait, one more thing,” He said pulling her close, kissing her passionately. “You’re right we better go,” he said pulling away.
   “Can you cover me while I go to my room?”
   “Okay but we need to find distractors, loud things to throw or maybe raw meat and a very tall ladder.” His nose crinkled whenever he thought really hard.
    “I appreciate it MacGyver. But this underground mansion was made for me, so there is a passage way that leads to my room. I meant could you cover me if there were rotting corpses hanging in my room.”
    Summit flushed. “Sure I can do that my…little taco.”
    “Ummm no, try again, sweetie,” she explained leading him up the stairwell to her bedroom. “We won’t even go into what it means to call a girl a taco. Are you trying to think of a nick name for me?” How sweet.
    “Yes I am…bran muffin.”
    “So I taste grainy and constipate you?” Raven thumped the heel of her hand into head. He had such a way of frustrating her.
    Raven and Summit opened the door at the top and stepped into her closet, she’d left the doors open. She took a deep breath and laced her fingers through Summit’s as they entered her, seemingly quiet room. It wasn’t quiet yesterday when she told her mother that she hated her or treated her sister bad, or scared her Papi with the thought of cancer, only for him to die anyway. Raven dug her hand into her purse and pulled out her Blackberry, turning it on with her thumb.
    “I am so sorry, Summit. I know there are more important things at stake here, but if I don’t find out what happened to Bailey now, any signs of what happened will disappear and then I may never know.”
“Okay let’s find out.”
    Damn was he sweet. The phone lit up, and the ‘battery low’ message flashed. “Darn, my phone needs to be charged.”
    “Oh now, maybe we could…”
    “Before you have me steal a car battery, let’s just take the cord out of the top drawer and plug it in,” Raven said, cutting Summit short.
    “Sure if you always want to take the easy way out.”
    Raven plugged in her phone and a message immediately popped up, her heart pounded.
    First message: I saw Donny McGee at the “government facility”.
    “Okay. We have a code, but this is a weird variant, she has government facility in quotation marks.”   Raven took in a gulp of air. “Have you seen the place where he was taking her, because you know, I am getting a weird feeling about this guy.”
    “Schmitty nah, I have known him for ten years. He is a little quirky, but he is not capable of killing someone,” Summit replied with sincerity in his eyes.
    “Well let’s hope you are right. I need you to please do me a favor.” Raven continued on, “I need you to call Schmitty and tell him, it’s not safe here and you want to meet him and Mia somewhere else, anywhere else, and I will go to this government facility. Oh hey there a second message.”
Second message: He is Donny McGee.
    “Oh god, she must be saying that Schmitty is bad, like I thought.”
    “I am not sure, it was weird. Let’s go check out the zombie situation shall we?”
    He took her arms in his and they sauntered out the upstairs hall overlooking the foyer, as if they were going to look out on a party. It was a party alright. “Do think that they climb the stairs? It reminds me of my mother’s book club,” Raven laughed.
    Raven arrived at the so called government facility. Damn that don’t look safe, she thought examining the old abandoned warehouse on the dirt road. Raven found some steel on the side and started banging it, making loud noises, but no vermin followed up. There didn’t seem to be any zombie’s around and definitely no government officials. It hadn’t even been a half hour since she left Summit, so that he could meet Schmitty and get Mia, but she was missing him already. God, it’s freakin’ cold in here. There was so much going on, that she hadn’t realized how cold it was outside, until now.
    Taking a deep breath, Raven went inside. It was big and dark. You could only see where sunlight streamed through.
   She pulled her phone from her jeans pocket. She had charged it in the car on the ride over, hopefully it was enough. She called the number that Summit programed in her phone, before she left. He answered on the first ring.
    “Raven are you okay?”
    “Freezing to death, but okay.”
    He chuckled, “Yeah it is.”
    “Did Schmitty say where he put Bailey’s body?”
    “No, and he’s not there yet. But I told him 1pm and it’s not yet, it’s about 12:58.”’
    “Okay, I am going to look around here a bit and I will call you if I find anything.”
    “Please do. Hey Raven, I miss you.”
    “I miss you too,” Raven professed and clicked off the phone.
    God this is a needle in haystack. Looked around she saw there were rats everywhere, and the place certainly didn’t appear stable. Raven shook with fear, what if she did indeed find Bailey’s body, could she handle it?
    Raven headed toward the back door. Maybe, Schmitty buried her somewhere back here. Her hands rubbing her folded arms to keep warm. Thump! Raven’s heart raced and her chest ached, from the noise that startled her. Then she heard it again, and then again. Like a thumping sound coming from upstairs. What if Schmitty was there? But what if it was someone that was too hurt to cry out and they needed medical attention. She couldn’t walk away, no doctor would.
    She searched for something heavy, to protect herself with. She couldn’t find anything. Raven fled to her car and fumbled with her keys. Why did I lock the car in the middle of nowhere? Finally she got her door open and grabbed her Mag-lite out of the car, hoping that would do the trick.
    Back inside, she found the metal stairs that led to an office. Clutching the Mag-lite in one hand, she used the other to cling to the railing that felt, like it, along with the stairs, was going to collapse any minute.
    Somehow she made it to the top. The thumping grew louder. She lifted the flashlight high in the air and grabbed the nob and flung the door open.
    The Mag-lite fell from her hand. She clutched her chest, immobile. Baily…
The tiny thing look so sad tied up, but at least she wasn’t dead and she didn’t look hurt. “Oh, my god! Schmitty said you were dead.”
    The duct tape kept Bailey’s sounds muffled.
    Raven found strength and moved toward her best friend. Seeing Bailey alive almost knocked her off her feet. She quickly removed the duct tape and untied her.
    She rubbed her red, chaffed wrists. “He’s not a killer, I guess,” she blurted, breathing heavily and shaking uncontrollably.
   Raven pulled her off the chair and into a corner. Scanning the room for some kind of cloth, she spotted an old rain coat hanging from a hook. She yanked it down and wrapped it around her friend and held her tight in her arms to warm her. A familiar feeling brushed against her legs, "Meow". Her head shot downward. Catman, thank God. "Hey buddy, Mama will take you somewhere warm in a bit, okay?" he stood up rubbing his precious paws on her leg. She wanted to pet him, but she had to take care of Bailey first.
    “It wasn’t you that he wanted. What Schmitty wanted was Mia.” Bailey sobbed, pressing her head against Raven’s chest.
    “What? Oh god, why?”  Raven shifted up.
    Bailey sucked back her tears, clutching the raincoat tight. “He said he needed his daughter.”
Daughter? “What do you mean sweetie? Schmitty is Mia’s father?” Raven stood up pulling Bailey with her. “You know we need to get you to the car, where there’s heat.”
    Bailey held up a hand. “I have to tell you this.” Her face was swollen from crying. “Schmitty said that it was time to get all his kids. He made perfect children, half genius like him and half stupid whore like me.” She convulsed with sadness.
    “Why? Did he say?” Raven asked concerned, a bad feeling twisting in her gut.
    “He said, kids from stupid sluts were obedient and compliant, smart children would make perfect soldiers.
    Raven felt sweat beading on her forehead. Mia, she could never let anything happen to that little girl and what if Schmitty was up to something awful. She knew Summit was a good guy she could feel it, but she worried for his safety.
    Mia! Raven tore her phone from her pants pocket. The phone rang three times before he answered.    “Please tell me you have Mia, please.” Bailey clung to Raven’s arm and examined her face closely while Raven spoke.
    “Schmitty and Mia didn’t show. What did you find out?” Summit asked.

                                                                                                             The end

Continue to follow Bailey, while she hunts for Mia, Raven on her quest for answers, and Summit as he kicks zombie ass until he and Schmitty meet again…

Coming 2012, could this by why the Mayan calendar ended?

If you enjoyed this story you may like Keira Kroft’s other works
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Bad Moon Rising Over Oz
Coming soon, Inamorata

Everyone that comments will get a free download of Bad Moon Rising Over Oz the horror take on the classic tale, Wizard of Oz and one lucky commenter will also win a free EBook of the smok’in hot romantic suspense novel, Glow in the Dark.

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Thank you for following, Summit, Raven, Bailey and the gang. I sure hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Keira Kroft

Thursday, December 1, 2011

ZFC part 4 Warning for 18 only

Warning! This story contains adult sexual content, if you are under 18 or explicate sex scenes do not interest you, a family friendly version of this story can be found on the Hellfire Herald.

Prequel to Summit The Zombie Hunter Series
Coming to Hellfire Publishing in 2012

Prequel- Zombies for Christmas
First installment- New World Order, Coming soon
Second Installment- The World Must End, Coming soon

Zombies for Christmas

                                  By Keira Kroft

Part 4

    There were no windows in the underground dwelling. Sure there was every comfort of home; electricity, beds, running water, wine and most importantly…Hershey bars. Raven hugged Bailey and Mia, tightly. “I will catch up with you as soon as I get to the bottom of this Summit thing.”
    “You look like shit,” Bailey was kind enough to mention.
    “I know, I couldn’t sleep at all.” Raven slumped in a stool at the kitchen counter.
    “Well, we slept like a couple of babies, didn’t we, Mia?”
The little girl nodded and continued to fill a green recyclable plastic bag with food.
    “Thank you so much for letting Mia and I stay here.” Bailey was always so polite, where else where they going to be? Raven would never put her best friend out in the street. She would give her own life for Bailey and Mia. They were all she had left.
     “Mommy, can I have a candy bar to take with us on our trip?”
     “I’m sorry sweetheart. I love you too much to give you one of Raven’s candy bars.” Bailey said looking serious.
    “Don’t be ridiculous Bailey, of course Mia can have a candy bar,” Raven chuckled. “There are numerous kinds in the food pantry. There are Snickers, Butterfingers and Kit-Kats, I saw them last night. Seriously, Mia, take whatever food or candy that you want.”
    Mia giggled and went straight to the special closet made for Raven.
    “No, no, no, no little girl, not that room, auuughhhh.”
    “Hey, you only need one.” Bailey and Raven said in unison and hugged.
    “Now this is man’s dream come true, two women hugging,” said Schmitty. “You think I could get the two of you to kiss? Hmmm. A chestnut haired angel and a tall, large breasted Latin goddess. Yumm.”
    “Mommy what are breasts?”
Raven laughed. “Nice,” Raven made the ‘okay sign’ with her thumb and fingers.
    “Quiet Latin goddess,” Bailey scolded, playfully. “And thank you Schmitty, thank you very much.” Bailey rolled her eyes at him and smiled.
    “You’re welcome,” he smirked and blew her kisses, it was kind of cute.
    “Schmitty is fine, but actually it’s Simon Schmidt.”
    “Doctor Schmidt,” Raven flushed.
    “You’ve come the closest anyone ever has to come to curing cancer, along with your partner Dr. Michael Sum—
    “Ahhhh crap.” Summit was so annoying she forget how prominent he was to the world.
    “Mia! What are doing?” Raven looked down, at the bag Mia was filling. It looked heavy and she was grunting, and dragging the bag.
    “Nothing,” she replied.
    “Mia, what’s in that bag?” Bailey demanded.
Raven headed toward the bag that was now moving.
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Mia burst into tears.
    Raven bent down, carefully opening the bag. Her heart stopped beating when Catman jumped out at her. She scooped him up, “It’s okay buddy.” Raven rubbed the soft fur.
   “Mia, where you trying to take Catman?” Raven asked.
   “Yes,” she shouted, tears rolling down her hot sweaty cheeks. “You’re gonna stay here and you’re gonna die and no one will be able take care of him,” Mia said, then tried to bolt, but was intercepted by her mother.
   “Young lady, I don’t care what’s going on you apologize to Raven and we never, ever steal, let alone someone’s pet,” Bailey explained in a not so calm tone.
   “May I?” Raven asked.
   “Of course,” Bailey replied, lifting Mia up toward Raven.
Raven took Mia over to the counter and set her down. “Look sweetie, I am not going to die. And you are more than welcome to take Catman. I know you will take such good care of him, really,” Raven wiped Mia’s tears.
    “I knew you’d cave, you women always fold like a cheap tent.” Schmitty finally weighing in. “My wife caved in to a child’s smile up until the day she died.”
    Bailey took his hand and locked her eyes on his, “I am so sorry. Why did she die?”
    Mia jumped off the kitchen counter, clapping and dancing. “You hear that Catman? You are coming with me!” She looked so adorable.
    “Enough about me,” Schmitty said, “Let’s talk about Summit. I saw the two of you in the kitchen last night, you looked pretty cozy.”
   “Oh, yeah?” Bailey said with the Cheshire grin on her face.
   “He’s a good guy. You two would make a great couple.”
   “If he’s such a great guy, then maybe you can tell me why he caused the end of the world,” Raven snapped.
    “He didn’t! He told you that, that he’s responsible? That damn kid. He needs a kick in the head, I saw you yesterday, Xena the warrior princess. Maybe you can deliver him a swift boot to the brain,” he said looking directly at Bailey. “Look, the government came to him and asked him to make a drug you could use with food that would kill off our enemies. It had to be instant, painless. And the stupid kid bought it. I mean for an award winning scientist that was pretty dumb. Why would they ask him to basically make a painless rat poison? But the zombie deal wasn’t part of it and killing off the American population wasn’t supposed to be, either.”
    “Oh, that’s probably why he had that fake English accent, so no one would know that he was American,” Bailey chimed in.
    “Exactly! He didn’t want it to look like he was defending America, and he is in disguise.” He opened the fridge taking out a bottle of water. “We are in a lot of trouble, by trying to put a stop to this. But it might not be the end of the world,” he said, snapping the top of the refreshment. “It only affects the ones that ate turkey or get bit. So we have to do what we can.” Schmitty took a swig of the water.” He seemed calm, but he had a few hours more than Raven did to get used to all of this.”
    “The turkey, that’s why we are okay.”  Bailey sighed, with relief.
    “And me? Why does he need me?”  Raven asked.
    “You’ll have to ask him. Here’s the address where we will be,” Schmitty said, handing Raven a piece of paper. “We will be safe at the government facility, along with the little girl and cat too.”
    “Come here, Mia, give me a hug.” Bailey joined in their embrace.
    “We love you Raven. We will see you soon, right?”
    “Yes and if you feel like you are in trouble, you come back here. If you need somewhere safe, anytime, this will always be your place to go, okay?”
Warning! This next scene contains adult sexual content, if you are under 18 or explicate sex scenes do not interest you, a family friendly version of this story can be found on the Hellfire Herald.
    “I talked to Schmitty…” Raven leaned against the door frame.
Summit sat up at the end of the bed, in nothing but a pair of unbuttoned jeans.
Raven sat next to him, looking him in, the most beautiful eyes, she ever saw. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were double crossed and this wasn’t your fault?”
    “Because, the truth is, that it is my fault,” he shouted. Raven rubbed his shoulder. “If I hadn’t agreed to make the agent in the first place…”
    The sincerity on his face and the pain in his voice broke her heart. She wanted to hold him and make it all better. Raven examined his soft light blue eyes, spotting remorse and she believed that he had a soft heart. She placed her lips to his. The kisses were soft and gentle at first, then they became so deep, she felt them in her heart. With her lips never leaving his, she climbed on his lap facing him. His muscular arms on her back sent shivers up and down her spine. Her body ached. They hadn’t even known each other a day, should they be doing this? Why not, the place is empty, and safe. She hadn’t felt safer in her life. And that was hot!  
    “I want you,” he said, kissing the long of her neck as she pressed her bosom to his rock hard chest. He ran his hand down her bra, took a firm hold of her breast, rubbing his thumb back and forth across her sensitive nipple. The welcome torment continued until her nipple formed a peak, and her body arched closer to his. He stopped, removed his hand and smiled. “Are you okay?” His masculine voice, made her need him more. His gaze held hers, his eyes darkened with pure desire.
    “I have never met anyone like you, Raven.”
 She laughed. Did he really use a cliché right now?
    “Raven I mean it. You’re strong and so beautiful,” he moved back to admire her. “Look at that bronze cleavage, your perfect. And those breast. What are you, like a size D or something?”
    “Actually that would be a double D,” she smiled.
    “That’s what I am talking about.” He buried his head in her bosom, laying kiss after kiss on her chest as she trembled. Her ache deepened. Her body quivered with anticipation.
    Raven slid her hand down his opened Levi’s, and she felt him immediately rise in her hand. Her underpants moistened, every inch of her begging to be touched.
    “Are, are you sure,” he said pulling her hand from his underwear. “We haven’t even been on a date, just last night you hated me. No I think love you, I need you.
    “Oh yeah,” she said, pulling her white cotton t-shirt off over her head, revealing her purple lace push-up bra. “But Raven we have to talk about this,”
    She pushed him down on the bed and pinned down his arms, her eyes locked on his, “This could be the end of the world, so you can talk about it, or you can enjoy this,” she said trailing her lips quickly downward. She pulled down his jeans and under wear just enough to fit her lips firmly on his cock. She had her answer by his moans and his light thrusts in and out of her lips. He pulled her up. Oh god, not this crap again. Can’t we just have sex? Please don’t ask me if I am sure again. “I want you Summit.” She examined his eyes for an answer. “I want you more than chocolate. In fact, I would give up every candy bar in the world, just for this moment right now.”
     Summit chuckled, “And I would give you, every candy bar you ever wanted. I will spend the rest of my life finding them for you, if I have to fight ten zombies to get it. I would because that’s how much you mean to me.”  He caught the back of her bra with a single flick, then rolled her onto her back, kissing her even more passionately than before. Their passion sparked and they undressed each other urgently, there need to be together was great. 
    “Raven…you can call me Michael now.” His tongue ran down neck, then grazing over one of her nipples, just enough to make her whimper, he continued downward, until he reached her salivating core. He gently massaged every inch of woman hood, just the right way, sending her into a mind numbing haze of bliss. One hand moved up to tease her breast, while his tongue flicked her nub, he placed two thick fingers inside of her, sending her crashing over the edge with just a few glorious licks and thrusts.  “Oh God,” she screamed, “Oh, God.” Raven couldn’t catch her breath. The passion was so raw and pure, she didn’t think she would stop throbbing. He drew her near. She was home. There was nowhere else, in that moment that she wanted to be. Raven pressed her ear to his chest, listening to his heart.
    “Did you enjoy that?” Summit asked, holding her tightly in his arms. “Oh yes,” she said breathlessly.
    “Then you’ll love this!” he playfully said, spreading her legs apart, then bushing the tip of his hardness over her hot folds. He held in a groan when she circled her legs around his hips. Her taut nipples poked at his chest, teasing his skin. He couldn’t get close enough. His stomach tightened as he trailed his lips over her jaw. He nipped her delicate skin, breathing in her sweet, tantalizing scent. Cautiously and with care, he entered slowly.
    “I’m not going to break, Michael,” she said, shifting her thighs around his back. Her hands settled over his buttocks, urging him in.
    “I love when you call me Michael.” He chuckled at her eagerness. Her authoritative maneuvers pleased him.
    He pushed in one smooth motion. Her tight muscles gripped him. His mind swam, while his heartbeat accelerated as he began to move.
    “Faster,” she cried.
    He obeyed with deep thrusts. Only her pleasure mattered to him at the moment. His member tightened, racing for release. Slipping a single finger between them, he pressed the area right above her inner core. Raven gripped him harder. As he worked her to submission, he focused on the wonderful whimpers slipping past her lips.
    “Oh God, Michael!”
    “Ohhhhh,” he moaned. He moved faster as she came apart. After a few more strokes, his body clenched. Raven held him as he found his release. He didn’t think the erosion of bliss would end. She was with him, every step of the way, still climaxing with him. His gaze met hers; the emotion in her eyes held him mesmerized. Raven reached up and stroked his cheek. Bliss encompassed her pale features.
    “Was it good for you?” she teased.
    She curled up next to him.
    He wrapped his arms around her pulling close to him, “This is the best Christmas sex I have ever had,” he laughed.
    “Oh, no,” Raven sat up.
    He gently massaged her back, “Are you okay? You know I was just teasing right?”
Raven sighed, “I forgot it was Christmas. I didn’t say anything to Mia or give her any presents.”
    “Come here,” he said pulling her back down. “I think they forgot too. Bailey would have said something before they left”
    “I am sure you are right, I would like to have wished them a Merry Christmas, though.”
    “You can,” he leaned over the bed and pulled an iPhone out of his pants. He dialed Schmitty, and handed Raven the phone. “Just ask him if you can talk to her.” She grasped the phone and listened to it ring.
    “They must be busy, there is no answer,” she said, shutting it off and handing it to him.
    “I’m sorry we will try again later, okay?”
     He looked at her with those gentle eyes, “They are okay. I am sure of it. He kissed her gently on the head and Raven lay in his arms until they drifted to sleep.
    Summit woke up to the sound of his cellphone ringing. A shadow swept past the doorway. He wiped the sleep from his eyes, looking at the bedside clock it was 3am. “Hello,” he said and then just listened. Although Schmitty’s words were clear, Summit wanted so badly to deny them. He pressed his cell phone to his chest and gently woke Raven, “Sweetie, it’s Schmitty.”
    “Oh, good how are my girls? Are thy safe,” she rolled over wide awake and smiled.
He shook his head, pulling her to his chest. “Bailey was bit.” Raven shot straight up to a standing position, grabbing the phone off his chest.
    “Hello, who is this?” Raven went sheet white as she heard the rest of what Schmitty had to say.
    “She became one of those things and he had to shoot her,” Raven blurted and burst into tears, shoving the phone into Summit’s hand.
    “Hey man, I know this is bad time, but I thought you might want to check the place. I am not sure if I closed that book case right and there was some vermin hanging out there this morning.”  But Schmitty was hard to hear, because Ravens soft weeping elevated into sheer wailing.
    He felt her pain dig at his heart. “I am so sorry, honey. I’m sorry,” he said, wrapping himself around her. Summit was surprised that tears were falling from his eyes and that he was so overwrought with emotion. He’d never been before. But then, he never saw the woman he loved in such pain before, either. In fact, he never even came close to love before.
    There was a clatter from the hallway. Summit looked at the doorway, and there was one of them, just standing there, quiet. He didn’t know that they knew how to be silent, this was a tricky one. If he hadn’t seen it with his own two eyes, he wouldn’t have known that it was there. It was wearing the remnants of a pin striped suit, his tie wrapped around his head.
    “Raven”, he nudged her.
    “Leave me alone.” She shoved his hand away from her.
    “Raven you don’t understand. Dammit, woman, look.” He gently lifted her head so that she could see the creature that had them trapped…

If you enjoyed this uncut section from the devious mind of Keira Kroft, you will love her hottest work yet, Glow in the Dark. What’s hotter than a zombie hunter scientist with crystal blue Eyes? Answer: a doe-eyed, calendar worthy fireman.

Tomorrow on “Zombies for Christmas”
Raven finds out why Summit came looking for her in the first place. And she also starts to have suspicions about Bailey’s so called, death.
If you enjoyed this uncut section from the devious mind of Keira Kroft, you will love her hottest work yet, Glow in the Dark. What’s hotter than a zombie hunter scientist with crystal blue Eyes? Answer: a doe-eyed, calendar worthy fireman.
Bad Moon Rising Over Oz
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zombies for Christmas Part three

Prequel to Summit The Zombie Hunter Series
Coming to Hellfire Publishing in 2012

Prequel- Zombies for Christmas
First installment- New World Order, Coming soon
Second Installment- The World Must End, Coming soon

Zombies for Christmas

                                  By Keira Kroft

Part 3
    Having to be strong for Mia, Raven started singing Christmas carols, prompting Bailey and Summit to join in to keep the little girl as calm as possible. The one thing worse than death itself, is knowing that it’s coming. Raven sucked back her tears and continued to sing as Mia joined in.
                                                         We wish you a merry Christmas,
                                                        We wish you a merry Christmas,
                                            We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new…
     “I think we are angering them,” Bailey shook. “What do we do?”
     The snarling was getting a little annoying. Ewwww, they were so disgusting and when you were in a room full of them, it reeked…like spoiled hamburger.
    “We hit them.” Summit placed his hands up, slowly closing them into fists.
    “I need a Hershey’s.” Raven said slugging as many zombies as she could hit at a time. She just needed a little breathing room, so that her friends could buy enough time to find something to smash their heads in, with.
    “You would say that! Not, that you are going to die before you cured cancer, or that I or my child could die. But that you died without having a damn candy bar.” Bailey laughed. “Only you would think of chocolate at this time!”
    “Not just any chocolate, only Hershey’s for me I’m afraid.” Raven sighed.  “And of course I am thinking about that, there are a couple pounds of it under the tree at home.”
Baily held Mia, close. “There is going to be an opening and when there is you run, you run like hell.  You hear me?”
    “Yes Mommy.” Mia held on even tighter.
    “Are you broads really talkin’ about sweets?” Summit said, while the undead was pawing and snarling at him.
     Raven and Bailey glared at each other, “What the hell happened to your accent?”
    “Oh, I am from Chicago, I don’t really have an English accent.”
    Baily shot Raven a look, but she couldn’t deal with this Summit guys craziness right now. She waved off her friend.
     Summit fought his way through the mob of Zombies and found there was a small clearing.
    “Okay Mia. Now…run.” Bailey instructed.
    The little girl was shaking, clearly frightened. She managed to make it outside, with Summits help.
    “You hide under the porch and we will be right out for you,” Summit said.
    “Wow so we can hit’ em?” Bailey asked, observing Raven and Summit, fending of the rotting demons.
    “Uhhhh-yah.” Raven knew her eyes were getting big, like saucers as they did whenever she was being sarcastic. She could hear her mother calling her fish eyes. That woman loved the insults.
    “Bailey maybe you shouldn’t hurt yourself,” Summit said, taking down two creatures at a time. “I can see Raven doing it she is a big girl, but you’re a tiny thing, with a kid.”
    “Hey, I am not that big” Raven said socking him in the arm, they were in dangerous situation but she couldn’t help herself.
    Baily and Raven laughed. “I learned how to box from a Billy Blanks video. Baily is a black belt.”
“Okay, then, we can use all the help we can get,” Summit said.
    Bailey kicked a zombie right between the eyes, a piece of flesh still between her toes. “Oh you like that, don’t you little zombie? You want another?” She jammed her for foot into its head while it squirmed on the ground.
    A strange man came running into Bailey’s house with a bat and started smashing all the zombie heads he could find.
    “It’s about fuckin’ time, you got here Schmitty,” Summit griped.
    “I was stuck in traffic, give me a break,” the stranger laughed. He was shirtless and had the body of a Greek god, bronze and muscular, but he was about fifty, with a salt and pepper handlebar mustache and bushy grey hair.
     Ravens heart pounded, they were alive. They were alive! Her insides shouted!
    “Baily—get Mia I will catch up with you.” Raven hugged her best friend quickly, she had to go.
    “Where are you going?” the stranger asked.
    "Please don’t go,” Summit pleaded, a loose brown curl fell in front of one of his crystal blue eyes.
    “I have to get my cat. We ran over here so fast I didn’t have a chance to get him.”
    “You stay with Schmitty, I trust him. I will get your cat.” He seemed sincere.
    “I am capable of getting my own cat,” Raven snapped. “Besides, I don’t know…Schmitty.” Raven glared at him. Now she had not one, but two strange men invading her life. This was too much.
To her surprise Summit hugged her. He was so tender about it. “Sweetie you can’t see them again, even if it was safe.”
    Raven’s knees felt weak. Not because of Summit, but because he reminded her that her family was gone. After she somehow managed to keep them from her mind, Raven laid down, filled with anguish, the pain of losing her family, her whole family was too much to bear.
    Summit climbed through the broken window of Raven’s house. Her family was eating something. They seemed busy and where enjoying themselves, like pigs at the trough. He tore under their family Christmas tree, looking for that damn giant candy bar. He had the large square package, he opened it to be sure, but it was just a card. A ridiculously sized, wrapped card. He tossed it down. It wasn’t what Summit thought it was, it was a music box. When it hit the floor, it played a rather loud tune, attracting the hungry foe. Damn, I haven’t found what I came for yet.
    He slammed his foot down on the tree holder and ripped the tree out. One by one, as almost a choreographed dance, he stuck the tree trunk in the temples of each one of her Raven’s family members and pulled it out again. He kept moving onto the next, until they were all dead for good this time…he hoped.
    Summit didn’t really know Raven, but he felt remorse for killing off her kin.
    Loud banging came from the back door. “Raven? Raven is that you?” The banging continued…damn, there are more shitheads coming. Summit lolled down, what he came for was right there, no gift wrap, nothing. When he took the tree apart, it must have moved whatever was on top of it. He picked up the 10lb chocolate bar, climbed out the window and went under the porch to pick up the cat.
A funny feeling spread through his heart. At that moment he didn’t care about his own life, only pleasing her.
    She could see Summit approaching Bailey’s porch, his face twisted in a frown. He looked, really sad, like something unimaginable happened. What could be more unimaginable than this? “Catman,” Raven shouted, feeling relieved to know that one family member remained. “Thank you, thank you so much,” she said, scooping up her cat from Summits arms.
    “Okay you take the cat and I will carry this,” Summit grinned.
    Raven thought her heart stopped. “You got that for me?” She almost thought she was going to cry, but happy or not she didn’t have any tears left.
    He seemed almost like he turned to stone. “I didn’t get it for you. We need food,” he snapped. “This is the end of the world, not date night at the drive-in.”
    “Oh.” Raven had that old familiar feeling of being alone.
    Baily and Mia hugged her tightly. “He did get it for you…know that.” Bailey whispered in Ravens ear reminding her that she was never alone. Bailey was her best friend since she moved there from Kentucky over twenty-five years ago. She’d been there for Raven when she lost her loves and the pain of medical school and all those times she cried, because her mother’s words cut her so deep.
     Summit held out the oversized candy bar. “Here, you need to eat something because, I need you.”
Raven flowed into Spanish. She thumped the heel of her hand on her head, repeatedly. Then handed Catman to Schmitty and ripped the food from Summits hand. She remained frustrated and angry, while Bailey and the strange men argued. Finally after a few deep breaths, Raven felt her blood pressure come down a bit. “Okay, now what’s the argument about?” Raven sat down on Bailey’s porch, tearing open a corner of the foil wrap and took a piece of candy.
     “Summit needs you to go to the hospital with him. He says he needs you for something and Schmitty is going to take me and Mia somewhere safe.”
    “Yeah, I am okay with that, I love you Bailey. You are my best friend and I want you and that precious little girl, safe.” Not like her family. She said, popping another piece of chocolate in her mouth.
   “I figured you would say that. But it’s too dark outside.” Bailey subconsciously pulled her daughter closer to her, rubbing the little girls long brown hair.
    “Oh yeah kid, it’s too hard to fight zombies at night.” Raven said with a mouth full of chocolate.
    “I don’t know of anywhere around here to keep you girl’s safe,” Schmitty said. Summit just stood there quiet with his arms folded.
    “I got somewhere. It’s not a permanent solution, but we would be okay for a while, maybe even a few months. Do you remember when I was about 11—my Godfather obsession?”
    “Oh my god, yes, yes I do,” Bailey started snorting. “You kept making everyone an offer they couldn’t refuse.” Bailey stopped laughing. “Oh man, is it still there, the secret place?” Bailey was doing her best to contain a smile.
    “It gets even better, my mom was paranoid.” Raven squealed with delight.
Summit interest seemed peaked, “you mean like a panic room?”
    “No more like an underground panic mansion.”
    “Well let’s go,” Schmitty smiled.
    “There is a downside though.” Raven hung her head, tears rolled from her eyes. “We have to go into my Papi’s study and push a book in the book case in order for it to open.”
    “Oh that’s okay,” Summit said. “We will figure out something else, it’s probably dusty and dangerous, with no food or water, anyway.” He rubbed Raven’s shoulder.
    “No it’s just the opposite. Trust me it’s so worth going in that house.”
Schmitty looked around as darkness closed in on them. “We really don’t have a choice.”
    “Come on, there is electricity, hot water, the whole shebang.”
    “Leave it to the rich to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse,” Summit teased.
    “Mia come on.” Raven placed her hand put for the tot to come by her. Mia ran right to Ravens side without saying a word. This was the quietest the child had ever been. She must have been scared half to death.
    When they reached the front of Raven’s house, she let go of the little girl’s hand. Raven couldn’t do it. “The Great Gatsby, it’s big and green, you can’t miss it, push on it and it will open the bookcase.” Raven stepped back with every word she spoke, shaking her head. She couldn’t see them again, she couldn’t.
    “Raven please,” Bailey, begged. “If not for yourself then for Mia’s sake, please.” Bailey’s eyes flooded with tears.  Summit picked up Mia and headed in.
    “Go Bailey. Be with your daughter.” Raven hugged her, “I love you.”
    Bailey tore away, sobbing.
    I give up, I can’t do this anymore, they were my family. Raven went back to Bailey’s porch to get her chocolate bar. She needed comfort. Her favorite treat always did the trick. She placed her hand on the giant bar and felt it being pulled away and heard those familiar sounds. 
    “I can’t believe you rich people,” Summit said from behind her. “There is even a filled litter box, satin pillow and trough of cat food down there, for the darn cat.” He scooped up Raven in his arms, in the nick of time. She was about to be someone else’s candy bar. “Cover your eyes, baby. I got you, you don’t have to see them, I promise you.”
     She clung to him and kept her eyes shut, until Summit set her down on the marble floor of the underground dwelling. “Did you stock this place?” Summit laughed.
    “No why? Where is everybody?”
    “You ask a lot of questions,” he laughed. Baily is giving Mia a bath and Schmitty found the home theatre.
    “Cool, did you close the book case tight, Summit?”
    “Of course.”
    “Are you sure it’s a little tricky.”
    “I got it, relax and have a candy bar,” he said, showing her a pantry with what had to be like a thousand Hershey bars. “Either they loved you or were planning to keep you down here,” Summit teased.
    “Keep me down here is more like it.” Raven took a candy bar and showed Summit the kitchen. “Help yourself; I know the fridge is full. You want something to eat?” he asked examining the contents of the overstocked fridge. “I am a master scrambled egg maker.”
    “I would love some.”
    He removed the eggs from the fridge and all the other contents he needed in one smooth, almost choreographed, dance. Raven shoved a piece of chocolate in her mouth and stood next to Summit.  
    “Thank you. You know you’re like hero right?” Raven examined his cool eyes, wanting to be lost in them and those lips, she need those lips. “Why do you care so much, Summit? But most of all since I want to kiss you so bad right now, I have to ask, why are you such a pig headed jackass?”
    He stopped whipping the eggs, placing both his hands on her shoulders. “Because it was me and I am all over the place, right now with guilt.
    “What, was you?”
    “I caused the apocalypse; I am responsible for your family’s death.”
    Raven pulled away. Pain flashed in Summits eyes, kind of like the pain that was penetrating her heart. 
    “First thing in the morning, Summit…I want you gone.”

Tomorrow on “Zombies for Christmas”
There will be sex, lots and lots of sex and someone will die...

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