Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gloria Brady "Rest in Peace"

Memorial Day is a great day to remember my grandfather, Harold Brady, not only because he died on that day in 1993 in a V.A. Hospital. But because he was a war hero in World War 2 in the United States Air Force.

 My grandfather, Harold Brady was a book binder in a mass book printing factory his whole life with no air conditioning, no fans, and windows. Not too mention two packs of camels per day. So in his fifites he was diagnosed with emphysema, it eventually got to the point that he had to retire early and wheel around a tank of oxygen.

 My Grandmother Gloria Brady was a Christian Minister with her own Church, Rhema Fellowship. She is a whole other story; she is a stunning woman that did many great things in her life. But one day of her life stands out to me the most.

 My Grandpa’s emphysema continued to grow worse; he already had been down to three quarters of one lung that actually worked. One day he was rushed to the hospital unable to breathe on his own at all.

 The Doctor took my Grandmother on the side and explained to her that this was it, this disease had taken its toll and he was only expected to live a few hours and we should say our goodbyes and cancel any plans we had for the day.

 My Grandmother a very soft spoken, sweet woman screamed “NO” the doctor had a sympathetic look on his face and hugged my grandmother. “I am so sorry that is happening to you.”
 She pushed him away with one hand and shouted “No” again. He said “I know you’ve been married a long time. I understand that this is hard to digest.”

 My Gram called me over. She said this doctor doesn’t understand, your grandfather is not gonna die today. I read it in my bible. I don’t remember the scriptures she had showed me right now, but they actually said that we were gonna see a miracle.
 To be continued tomorrow.

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