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ZFC part 4 Warning for 18 only

Warning! This story contains adult sexual content, if you are under 18 or explicate sex scenes do not interest you, a family friendly version of this story can be found on the Hellfire Herald.

Prequel to Summit The Zombie Hunter Series
Coming to Hellfire Publishing in 2012

Prequel- Zombies for Christmas
First installment- New World Order, Coming soon
Second Installment- The World Must End, Coming soon

Zombies for Christmas

                                  By Keira Kroft

Part 4

    There were no windows in the underground dwelling. Sure there was every comfort of home; electricity, beds, running water, wine and most importantly…Hershey bars. Raven hugged Bailey and Mia, tightly. “I will catch up with you as soon as I get to the bottom of this Summit thing.”
    “You look like shit,” Bailey was kind enough to mention.
    “I know, I couldn’t sleep at all.” Raven slumped in a stool at the kitchen counter.
    “Well, we slept like a couple of babies, didn’t we, Mia?”
The little girl nodded and continued to fill a green recyclable plastic bag with food.
    “Thank you so much for letting Mia and I stay here.” Bailey was always so polite, where else where they going to be? Raven would never put her best friend out in the street. She would give her own life for Bailey and Mia. They were all she had left.
     “Mommy, can I have a candy bar to take with us on our trip?”
     “I’m sorry sweetheart. I love you too much to give you one of Raven’s candy bars.” Bailey said looking serious.
    “Don’t be ridiculous Bailey, of course Mia can have a candy bar,” Raven chuckled. “There are numerous kinds in the food pantry. There are Snickers, Butterfingers and Kit-Kats, I saw them last night. Seriously, Mia, take whatever food or candy that you want.”
    Mia giggled and went straight to the special closet made for Raven.
    “No, no, no, no little girl, not that room, auuughhhh.”
    “Hey, you only need one.” Bailey and Raven said in unison and hugged.
    “Now this is man’s dream come true, two women hugging,” said Schmitty. “You think I could get the two of you to kiss? Hmmm. A chestnut haired angel and a tall, large breasted Latin goddess. Yumm.”
    “Mommy what are breasts?”
Raven laughed. “Nice,” Raven made the ‘okay sign’ with her thumb and fingers.
    “Quiet Latin goddess,” Bailey scolded, playfully. “And thank you Schmitty, thank you very much.” Bailey rolled her eyes at him and smiled.
    “You’re welcome,” he smirked and blew her kisses, it was kind of cute.
    “Schmitty is fine, but actually it’s Simon Schmidt.”
    “Doctor Schmidt,” Raven flushed.
    “You’ve come the closest anyone ever has to come to curing cancer, along with your partner Dr. Michael Sum—
    “Ahhhh crap.” Summit was so annoying she forget how prominent he was to the world.
    “Mia! What are doing?” Raven looked down, at the bag Mia was filling. It looked heavy and she was grunting, and dragging the bag.
    “Nothing,” she replied.
    “Mia, what’s in that bag?” Bailey demanded.
Raven headed toward the bag that was now moving.
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Mia burst into tears.
    Raven bent down, carefully opening the bag. Her heart stopped beating when Catman jumped out at her. She scooped him up, “It’s okay buddy.” Raven rubbed the soft fur.
   “Mia, where you trying to take Catman?” Raven asked.
   “Yes,” she shouted, tears rolling down her hot sweaty cheeks. “You’re gonna stay here and you’re gonna die and no one will be able take care of him,” Mia said, then tried to bolt, but was intercepted by her mother.
   “Young lady, I don’t care what’s going on you apologize to Raven and we never, ever steal, let alone someone’s pet,” Bailey explained in a not so calm tone.
   “May I?” Raven asked.
   “Of course,” Bailey replied, lifting Mia up toward Raven.
Raven took Mia over to the counter and set her down. “Look sweetie, I am not going to die. And you are more than welcome to take Catman. I know you will take such good care of him, really,” Raven wiped Mia’s tears.
    “I knew you’d cave, you women always fold like a cheap tent.” Schmitty finally weighing in. “My wife caved in to a child’s smile up until the day she died.”
    Bailey took his hand and locked her eyes on his, “I am so sorry. Why did she die?”
    Mia jumped off the kitchen counter, clapping and dancing. “You hear that Catman? You are coming with me!” She looked so adorable.
    “Enough about me,” Schmitty said, “Let’s talk about Summit. I saw the two of you in the kitchen last night, you looked pretty cozy.”
   “Oh, yeah?” Bailey said with the Cheshire grin on her face.
   “He’s a good guy. You two would make a great couple.”
   “If he’s such a great guy, then maybe you can tell me why he caused the end of the world,” Raven snapped.
    “He didn’t! He told you that, that he’s responsible? That damn kid. He needs a kick in the head, I saw you yesterday, Xena the warrior princess. Maybe you can deliver him a swift boot to the brain,” he said looking directly at Bailey. “Look, the government came to him and asked him to make a drug you could use with food that would kill off our enemies. It had to be instant, painless. And the stupid kid bought it. I mean for an award winning scientist that was pretty dumb. Why would they ask him to basically make a painless rat poison? But the zombie deal wasn’t part of it and killing off the American population wasn’t supposed to be, either.”
    “Oh, that’s probably why he had that fake English accent, so no one would know that he was American,” Bailey chimed in.
    “Exactly! He didn’t want it to look like he was defending America, and he is in disguise.” He opened the fridge taking out a bottle of water. “We are in a lot of trouble, by trying to put a stop to this. But it might not be the end of the world,” he said, snapping the top of the refreshment. “It only affects the ones that ate turkey or get bit. So we have to do what we can.” Schmitty took a swig of the water.” He seemed calm, but he had a few hours more than Raven did to get used to all of this.”
    “The turkey, that’s why we are okay.”  Bailey sighed, with relief.
    “And me? Why does he need me?”  Raven asked.
    “You’ll have to ask him. Here’s the address where we will be,” Schmitty said, handing Raven a piece of paper. “We will be safe at the government facility, along with the little girl and cat too.”
    “Come here, Mia, give me a hug.” Bailey joined in their embrace.
    “We love you Raven. We will see you soon, right?”
    “Yes and if you feel like you are in trouble, you come back here. If you need somewhere safe, anytime, this will always be your place to go, okay?”
Warning! This next scene contains adult sexual content, if you are under 18 or explicate sex scenes do not interest you, a family friendly version of this story can be found on the Hellfire Herald.
    “I talked to Schmitty…” Raven leaned against the door frame.
Summit sat up at the end of the bed, in nothing but a pair of unbuttoned jeans.
Raven sat next to him, looking him in, the most beautiful eyes, she ever saw. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were double crossed and this wasn’t your fault?”
    “Because, the truth is, that it is my fault,” he shouted. Raven rubbed his shoulder. “If I hadn’t agreed to make the agent in the first place…”
    The sincerity on his face and the pain in his voice broke her heart. She wanted to hold him and make it all better. Raven examined his soft light blue eyes, spotting remorse and she believed that he had a soft heart. She placed her lips to his. The kisses were soft and gentle at first, then they became so deep, she felt them in her heart. With her lips never leaving his, she climbed on his lap facing him. His muscular arms on her back sent shivers up and down her spine. Her body ached. They hadn’t even known each other a day, should they be doing this? Why not, the place is empty, and safe. She hadn’t felt safer in her life. And that was hot!  
    “I want you,” he said, kissing the long of her neck as she pressed her bosom to his rock hard chest. He ran his hand down her bra, took a firm hold of her breast, rubbing his thumb back and forth across her sensitive nipple. The welcome torment continued until her nipple formed a peak, and her body arched closer to his. He stopped, removed his hand and smiled. “Are you okay?” His masculine voice, made her need him more. His gaze held hers, his eyes darkened with pure desire.
    “I have never met anyone like you, Raven.”
 She laughed. Did he really use a cliché right now?
    “Raven I mean it. You’re strong and so beautiful,” he moved back to admire her. “Look at that bronze cleavage, your perfect. And those breast. What are you, like a size D or something?”
    “Actually that would be a double D,” she smiled.
    “That’s what I am talking about.” He buried his head in her bosom, laying kiss after kiss on her chest as she trembled. Her ache deepened. Her body quivered with anticipation.
    Raven slid her hand down his opened Levi’s, and she felt him immediately rise in her hand. Her underpants moistened, every inch of her begging to be touched.
    “Are, are you sure,” he said pulling her hand from his underwear. “We haven’t even been on a date, just last night you hated me. No I think love you, I need you.
    “Oh yeah,” she said, pulling her white cotton t-shirt off over her head, revealing her purple lace push-up bra. “But Raven we have to talk about this,”
    She pushed him down on the bed and pinned down his arms, her eyes locked on his, “This could be the end of the world, so you can talk about it, or you can enjoy this,” she said trailing her lips quickly downward. She pulled down his jeans and under wear just enough to fit her lips firmly on his cock. She had her answer by his moans and his light thrusts in and out of her lips. He pulled her up. Oh god, not this crap again. Can’t we just have sex? Please don’t ask me if I am sure again. “I want you Summit.” She examined his eyes for an answer. “I want you more than chocolate. In fact, I would give up every candy bar in the world, just for this moment right now.”
     Summit chuckled, “And I would give you, every candy bar you ever wanted. I will spend the rest of my life finding them for you, if I have to fight ten zombies to get it. I would because that’s how much you mean to me.”  He caught the back of her bra with a single flick, then rolled her onto her back, kissing her even more passionately than before. Their passion sparked and they undressed each other urgently, there need to be together was great. 
    “Raven…you can call me Michael now.” His tongue ran down neck, then grazing over one of her nipples, just enough to make her whimper, he continued downward, until he reached her salivating core. He gently massaged every inch of woman hood, just the right way, sending her into a mind numbing haze of bliss. One hand moved up to tease her breast, while his tongue flicked her nub, he placed two thick fingers inside of her, sending her crashing over the edge with just a few glorious licks and thrusts.  “Oh God,” she screamed, “Oh, God.” Raven couldn’t catch her breath. The passion was so raw and pure, she didn’t think she would stop throbbing. He drew her near. She was home. There was nowhere else, in that moment that she wanted to be. Raven pressed her ear to his chest, listening to his heart.
    “Did you enjoy that?” Summit asked, holding her tightly in his arms. “Oh yes,” she said breathlessly.
    “Then you’ll love this!” he playfully said, spreading her legs apart, then bushing the tip of his hardness over her hot folds. He held in a groan when she circled her legs around his hips. Her taut nipples poked at his chest, teasing his skin. He couldn’t get close enough. His stomach tightened as he trailed his lips over her jaw. He nipped her delicate skin, breathing in her sweet, tantalizing scent. Cautiously and with care, he entered slowly.
    “I’m not going to break, Michael,” she said, shifting her thighs around his back. Her hands settled over his buttocks, urging him in.
    “I love when you call me Michael.” He chuckled at her eagerness. Her authoritative maneuvers pleased him.
    He pushed in one smooth motion. Her tight muscles gripped him. His mind swam, while his heartbeat accelerated as he began to move.
    “Faster,” she cried.
    He obeyed with deep thrusts. Only her pleasure mattered to him at the moment. His member tightened, racing for release. Slipping a single finger between them, he pressed the area right above her inner core. Raven gripped him harder. As he worked her to submission, he focused on the wonderful whimpers slipping past her lips.
    “Oh God, Michael!”
    “Ohhhhh,” he moaned. He moved faster as she came apart. After a few more strokes, his body clenched. Raven held him as he found his release. He didn’t think the erosion of bliss would end. She was with him, every step of the way, still climaxing with him. His gaze met hers; the emotion in her eyes held him mesmerized. Raven reached up and stroked his cheek. Bliss encompassed her pale features.
    “Was it good for you?” she teased.
    She curled up next to him.
    He wrapped his arms around her pulling close to him, “This is the best Christmas sex I have ever had,” he laughed.
    “Oh, no,” Raven sat up.
    He gently massaged her back, “Are you okay? You know I was just teasing right?”
Raven sighed, “I forgot it was Christmas. I didn’t say anything to Mia or give her any presents.”
    “Come here,” he said pulling her back down. “I think they forgot too. Bailey would have said something before they left”
    “I am sure you are right, I would like to have wished them a Merry Christmas, though.”
    “You can,” he leaned over the bed and pulled an iPhone out of his pants. He dialed Schmitty, and handed Raven the phone. “Just ask him if you can talk to her.” She grasped the phone and listened to it ring.
    “They must be busy, there is no answer,” she said, shutting it off and handing it to him.
    “I’m sorry we will try again later, okay?”
     He looked at her with those gentle eyes, “They are okay. I am sure of it. He kissed her gently on the head and Raven lay in his arms until they drifted to sleep.
    Summit woke up to the sound of his cellphone ringing. A shadow swept past the doorway. He wiped the sleep from his eyes, looking at the bedside clock it was 3am. “Hello,” he said and then just listened. Although Schmitty’s words were clear, Summit wanted so badly to deny them. He pressed his cell phone to his chest and gently woke Raven, “Sweetie, it’s Schmitty.”
    “Oh, good how are my girls? Are thy safe,” she rolled over wide awake and smiled.
He shook his head, pulling her to his chest. “Bailey was bit.” Raven shot straight up to a standing position, grabbing the phone off his chest.
    “Hello, who is this?” Raven went sheet white as she heard the rest of what Schmitty had to say.
    “She became one of those things and he had to shoot her,” Raven blurted and burst into tears, shoving the phone into Summit’s hand.
    “Hey man, I know this is bad time, but I thought you might want to check the place. I am not sure if I closed that book case right and there was some vermin hanging out there this morning.”  But Schmitty was hard to hear, because Ravens soft weeping elevated into sheer wailing.
    He felt her pain dig at his heart. “I am so sorry, honey. I’m sorry,” he said, wrapping himself around her. Summit was surprised that tears were falling from his eyes and that he was so overwrought with emotion. He’d never been before. But then, he never saw the woman he loved in such pain before, either. In fact, he never even came close to love before.
    There was a clatter from the hallway. Summit looked at the doorway, and there was one of them, just standing there, quiet. He didn’t know that they knew how to be silent, this was a tricky one. If he hadn’t seen it with his own two eyes, he wouldn’t have known that it was there. It was wearing the remnants of a pin striped suit, his tie wrapped around his head.
    “Raven”, he nudged her.
    “Leave me alone.” She shoved his hand away from her.
    “Raven you don’t understand. Dammit, woman, look.” He gently lifted her head so that she could see the creature that had them trapped…

If you enjoyed this uncut section from the devious mind of Keira Kroft, you will love her hottest work yet, Glow in the Dark. What’s hotter than a zombie hunter scientist with crystal blue Eyes? Answer: a doe-eyed, calendar worthy fireman.

Tomorrow on “Zombies for Christmas”
Raven finds out why Summit came looking for her in the first place. And she also starts to have suspicions about Bailey’s so called, death.
If you enjoyed this uncut section from the devious mind of Keira Kroft, you will love her hottest work yet, Glow in the Dark. What’s hotter than a zombie hunter scientist with crystal blue Eyes? Answer: a doe-eyed, calendar worthy fireman.
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