Wednesday, August 24, 2011

“Are you a witch? Gay? Different?” Enter here

This blog is adult oriented and I want to address the fact that some people, think that their way is the right way. In that belief, they try to rob us of our free will.
Obviously, you don’t want to allow children to be molested or people and animals hurt or murdered. Besides that, no matter who or what we believe in, we all know we were given a little thing called free will. So why others think they have the right to rob us of that, I don’t know. But, that is wrong and will not be tolerated by me ever!
A person’s taste, religious beliefs, sexual preference, sexual interests are not for other people to judge, ever. Especially, to the point where people turn their nose up at you or worse. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you’re a child molester. Just because you’re a witch that doesn’t mean you torture cats and worship the Devil. Just because you’re a guy who, likes a women’s feet doesn’t mean you are going to go to the park and start licking toes, LOL
Just because you write horror books doesn’t mean you’re a murderer. Just because you like Rob zombie movies doesn’t mean you are going to grab a tub of popcorn and watch other people be dismembered. Just because you listen to “Iron maiden” doesn’t mean you eat babies for dinner.
Today is the day that I would like to see the world wakeup and stop being afraid. Martin Luther King, jr wanted equality amongst races. I too want equality among people. I would rather know what other peoples preferences are, than have them feel like that have to carry a burden every day of their lives because people might not understand.
There is no reason, in this current day and age to hide who you are. The only thing I ask, mostly of bible thumpers as to whatever your beliefs or preferences are that you don’t shove them down my throat or force me to be any other way than I am. I also ask that you respect the fact that I have as much free will as you. Please know that I respect you and I am so grateful to have so many friends of all backgrounds and beliefs.
“Hi, my name is, Dawn and I go by the pseudo name Keira Kroft. I am married, straight, and a mom. However, I love anything dark, dark music, horror movies, scary shows, horror books and I have a real interest in the paranormal. I really wish vampires existed and I love heavy metal! But I also have a devotion to my friends, I would give my very life for any child, I think animals should be treasured and treated better than anyone else, because they can’t defend themselves. I am just a nice person to spite what others may think of me.” If you would like to share your story with me, shoot me an email…

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  1. Hello Ms. Keira,

    Love love love your page! I had to type your blog site into the code bar because the link wouldn't work? May want to look into that???

    So glad I was able to get into here....I have been missing out, but no more..LOL

    Have a wonderful day...Big Hugs~